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Leadership Team
Wes Schevers
Vice President, Advisor Solutions


As VP of Advisor Solutions, Wes Schevers brings an unwavering work ethic and commitment to excellence to the PenChecks team. With a sales philosophy and approach grounded in trust, expertise, and dedication, his extensive background includes 10 years of sales experience, building successful geographic sales territories from the ground up, and 15 years of running companies. Prior to joining PenChecks, Wes served as Director of Sales for LeafHouse where he led the sales efforts behind the company’s institutional fiduciary services, technology solutions, and managed accounts.

At PenChecks, Wes is responsible for presenting a new IRA technology solution focusing mainly on working alongside advisors, but will also partner with recordkeepers, TPAs and fund managers. This includes developing institutional relationships with advisors who will use the new product to create better retirement outcomes for their clients. He will also focus on developing a strong presence in the market for PenChecks’ new NextLevel IRA program. Wes holds Bachelor and Master of Business Administration degrees from West Texas A&M University.

Executive Profile

Wes Schevers aspired to work in sales from an early age because he grew up around sales, and the lifestyle fit his personality. His father worked as national sales manager for a direct marketing business for 30 years, and taught Wes many important lessons about the profession. Wes went directly into sales after graduate school, launching a career where he looks forward to going to work every day.

After more than a decade of sales experience, Wes came to PenChecks for several reasons. While at his previous job, Leafhouse, he had collaborated with PenChecks on a technology project and was attracted by the people and the culture. He was offered the opportunity to spearhead the introduction of PenChecks’ NextLevel IRA technology throughout the U.S. and PenChecks found him an ideal fit for the job, the company’s culture and its values.

At Leafhouse, I represented a managed account solution for 401k plans,” says Wes. “Leafhouse and PenChecks began working together to integrate this highly personalized investment strategy into the NextLevel IRA offering, and I couldn’t resist PenChecks’ offer to come aboard.”

Making A Positive Impact

Wes sees NextLevel IRA as a benefit to financial advisors and individuals planning their retirement strategy. The technology provides a seamless experience of rolling terminated 401k plans into an IRA account. Participants and advisors don’t have to learn a new platform because they already understand how it works.

The majority of participants don’t understand how to invest their retirement funds or have the time to manage them. As a result, they just want a trusted expert to do it for them,” says Wes. “NextLevel IRA allows industry experts to personalize advice to their clients based on their lifestyle and retirement needs. It also provides participants with ongoing monitoring and automatic investment account rebalancing as aspects of their life change – all at a very fair price. I find it fulfilling to make a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Lessons Learned from Soccer

An avid soccer player through college, Wes began coaching the sport early in his sales career. He gained a reputation for his ability to work with young kids, and was offered a position to run a business and soccer club. While running both for over 10 years Wes developed many different skills that enhanced his sales career.

One of the most important skills I learned was connecting with people at a deeper level than just wanting to know about their business,” recalls Wes. “Before going into a first-time meeting I take the time to learn about them on a personal level. That way we can have a personal conversation instead of just focusing on what I can do for them as a client. I want people to know they can trust what I say and will follow through on what I tell them.”

No Slowing Down Off the Job

Wes maintains a very active life, running almost every day. He also enjoys hiking, rock climbing, skiing and snowboarding. His wife, Sophia, manages a local soccer club full time. Both love to travel, and consider themselves “foodies.” They plan to start raising children soon, and spending time with family and church are important aspects of their lives. Wes and Sophia reside in Georgetown, TX.

Best piece of advice received: “Never walk into a meeting without knowing your desired outcome.”
From Don Cameron, friend and mentor.

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