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There are many good reasons why PenChecks Trust® has some of the most loyal clients in the retirement plan industry.

See why they rely on PenChecks Trust for their retirement distributions processing needs.

Note: Testimonial comes from the Latin word testimonium, meaning “evidence or proof provided”. We think that’s a great definition!

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Ask anyone in the retirement world and they will tell you distributions are the hardest part. We will handle distributions for our clients, but we are not set up to handle them in large amounts. When a client’s distributions get into the hundreds or thousands, we recommend they use PenChecks.

They specialize in taking a slow, cumbersome task and turning it into a highly efficient process that makes it easier for Blue Ridge and our clients.

In addition to doing what they say they’re going to do, PenChecks is easy to work with. Their staff is very responsive, and they’re good with our clients.

One of our core values is being responsive to clients, and we won’t work with a partner that doesn’t feel the same way. PenChecks makes our staff more efficient and our clients happy. That’s what I call a win-win relationship.

Peter Shuler, Partner
Blue Ridge ESOP Associates

PenChecks is easy to work with, and provides very responsive, personalized service. I talked to the same person throughout the 403(b) plan cleanup process, which saved a lot of time because I didn’t have to bring someone else up to date every time I got on the phone with them.

PenChecks has a very efficient process for locating terminated participants and providing Automatic Rollover IRA services so plan sponsors can move small-balance accounts out of the plan, thereby reducing their fiduciary liability and plan costs.

When I asked PenChecks if they would take the rollover accounts from participants in the 403(b) plan who didn’t respond to our disclosure notice, they took them all right down to the penny.

Dave Nelson, Retirement Plan Advisor
Colton Groome and Co.

After terminating a plan, one of our clients had to make corrective contributions due to an IRS audit. PenChecks processed all the distributions in a timely manner and let us know when the checks were cashed. They also set up Missing Participant IRAs for all missing participants to ensure those assets were properly managed.

The PenChecks staff was easy to work with and they walked me through the entire process. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

Having PenChecks process plan distributions and year-end tax reporting has been a huge relief – for us and our clients.

The ANGELL Pension Group, Inc.

The PenChecks staff is fast and efficient. They’re very professional. And when I have a problem, they honestly care about getting it fixed.

Working with PenChecks Trust provides a win-win outcome for Greenspan & Associates, Inc., and our clients by reducing our administrative workloads and ensuring that these tedious but important tasks are properly handled.

Michele Zokaie, Documents Specialist
Greenspan and Associates, Inc.

PenChecks Trust has immensely improved and streamlined our force out and participant search processes. They have taken the worry out of our 1099-R reporting needs, as we know the work will be done accurately and timely. The client services team is very responsive, helpful, and reliable.

Since switching over to PenChecks, my team has become more productive. It has freed up so much of their time during January when they would have been preparing 1099-Rs. Now they can focus more on servicing our clients. We have been extremely happy with our choice.

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