Uncashed Checks Services

Uncashed retirement checks present many administrative difficulties.

The missing or non-responsive participant is still due the benefit. For taxed distributions that go uncashed, an Automatic Rollover or Missing Participant IRA is not a viable solution. Once taxed, the funds become non-qualified; you can’t deposit them back into the plan without investing time and resources into getting the taxes back.

PenChecks Trust® has a solution that’s right for uncashed checks. With our Missing Distributee® service, we remove the administrative burden of managing uncashed or stale-dated checks from ERISA covered plans while minimizing your exposure to a big problem within the qualified retirement space.

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Missing Distributee Solutions for Uncashed Checks

PenChecks Trust makes it simple to resolve these and other unclaimed retirement benefit issues with a program that works.
We resolve uncashed checks quickly and efficiently, helping preserve the missing payee’s assets and removing this burden from your business.

We start by searching for missing participants to reunite them with their money. When we locate the recipient of an uncashed check, we verify their identity, process their claim, and transfer the funds to their control.

When Missing Distributees can’t be found, we create a Taxable Savings Account (TSA) for the participant to claim based on the participant’s name, last known address, social security number and funds representing the uncashed check. This includes registering the participant with the National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits®. We also issue an annual 1099-INT until the funds are claimed or escheated.

If no claim is made, because the funds are no longer considered qualified assets once taxes are withheld, we escheat the TSA according to the laws of the state of the participant’s last known address. For uncashed rollover checks, please see our Automatic Rollover or Missing Participants Services.

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Peace of Mind with PenChecks Missing Distributee® LLC

Resolving uncashed checks and unclaimed pension benefits is a complex process.

To ensure we get it right every time, we formed PenChecks Missing Distributees, LLC, an affiliate organization that focuses solely on uncashed check solutions for Plan Sponsors and companies offering administrative and custodial services to ERISA-qualified plans.

To reduce your fiduciary risk, PenChecks Missing Distributee LLC specializes in resolving uncashed and stale-dated checks for taxed benefit payments made from qualified retirement plans.

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