Specialized Solutions

Simplify Your Plan Administration Workload

PenChecks Trust® specializes in providing bundled solutions that solve multiple distribution problems at the same time. For example – our Payment Processing and Automatic Rollover and Missing Participant IRA services.

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Sometimes you don’t need a comprehensive solution and just want to get one specific task off your plate.

The following administrative services are part of a larger PenChecks Trust distribution solution. They are also available as a stand-alone service when that’s all you need.

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1099-R and Tax Payment

If your plan uses a custodian that already processed a payment to a participant – but the plan sponsor has not remitted taxes and you don’t want to process the 1099-R – your problems are solved. We produce and file 1099-R forms and remit the taxes so your staff doesn’t have to.

Participant Search Service

We specialize in advanced search services, to help locate missing or non-responsive plan participants. This stand-alone service utilizes integrated technology to search over 82 billion public records from over 10,000 diverse sources.

Death Audit Search

Ideal for recurring benefit payments, we offer a one-time death audit or a weekly ongoing search to inform you when participants have passed away. You save time, effort and expense by only making payments to those who should be receiving pension payments and avoid the unpleasant task of recouping payments during a family’s time of bereavement.

Missing Participant Notification Service

All plans have required annual notices. Let us assist in the printing and fulfillment of any required plan-related mailings.

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Learn how outsourced distribution processing can make your life easier.

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