About PenChecks Trust®

Company Overview

Who We Are

PenChecks Trust is a state-chartered, non-depository trust company providing a comprehensive suite of Retirement Distribution Services to Institutions, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Advisors and Plan Sponsors. We combine over 25 years of retirement benefits processing expertise, innovative new services and secure technologies that help you save time, money and serve your clients more effectively.
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Years of Retirement Benefits Processing Expertise

What Does PenChecks Trust Do?

PenChecks Trust leads the way with value-added outsourced distribution solutions.

Benefit Payment Processing Services

Automatic Rollover and Missing Participant IRA Programs

Uncashed Check Services
QTA (Abandoned Plan) Services

When it comes to safe, secure and compliant benefit payment processing, we strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of services to meet their plan distribution needs.

Why We Do It

Our mission is two-fold:

01 To provide valuable solutions for industry service providers so they may save time and money

02 Make it easy and efficient for plan participants and account holders to find, claim and manage their retirement benefits

How We Do It

To deliver on our mission, we:

  • Offer specialized technologies and services that streamline the distribution process
  • Develop new distribution products and services that make it easier for you to serve your clients more effectively
  • Reunite current and former plan participants with lost or missing retirement benefits
  • Provide a level of assistance and care that helps plan participants make smart decisions regarding their choices

The PenChecks Family of Companies

The PenChecks family of companies consists of four separate entities. We work together to serve our clients in the most efficient, cost-effective manner while minimizing their risk.

PenChecks, Inc.

PenChecks, Inc., the parent company, is an innovator and leader in benefit distribution processing and related services. PenChecks helps Institutions, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Advisors and Plan Sponsors with efficient, compliant benefit distribution processing services.

PenChecks Trust Company of America (PTCA)

PTCA is a state-chartered, non-depository trust company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of PenChecks, Inc. PTCA provides custody and related services for PenChecks’ Automatic Rollover and Missing Participant IRAs, Qualified Termination Administrator (QTA) services for abandoned retirement plans, and other custodian services for institutional service providers.

PenChecks Missing Distributees®, LLC (PMD)

PMD helps companies and institutions effectively manage the growing challenge of uncashed checks and other unclaimed plan participant distributions.

The National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits® (NRURB)

NRURB is a public service company committed to helping individuals locate their lost or abandoned retirement benefits. Learn more about this unique resource at UnclaimedRetirementBenefits.com.

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