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Over 25 Years of payment processing leadership and industry innovation.

Leadership Team

Alexandra Gerritsen

Chief Operating Officer


Alexandra Gerritsen did not work in the retirement or financial services industry prior to coming to PenChecks. Yet her broad experience as a senior leader for medical, government, digital and ecommerce companies provided plenty of experience managing in highly regulated environments. This background, combined with her relentless focus on operational excellence and keeping the customer in mind when implementing new processes, makes Alexandra a perfect fit with PenChecks’ service-oriented culture.

Executive Profile

As COO, Alexandra oversees day-to-day operations for PenChecks. Her primary objectives include increasing efficiency and profitability by removing waste, developing cross-functional teams to improve company-wide communication and collaboration, and strengthening the culture of accountability in all areas of the business. Alexandra also places a high priority on coaching and mentoring, helping employees grow, build teamwork, and become skilled in continuous improvement methodology. 

“The most successful companies are those who invest in their people,” says Alexandra. “Part of my job is to make sure we have the right people in the right jobs and treat them well. Without that foundation, organizational growth can be hard to achieve.”

Customer Focus

One constant throughout Alexandra’s career has been keeping the customer experience foremost in all endeavors. She joined PenChecks in large part for its innovative culture and refusal to settle for the status quo. However she doesn’t believe in change for change’s sake. Before she approves the streamlining of any existing processes or implementing new ones, it must have the end customer in mind.

“Creating efficient, seamless internal processes lays the foundation for an exceptional customer experience”, says Alexandra. “I’m a big fan of gathering client feedback and measuring their satisfaction to make sure our upgrades are actually improvements from the client’s perspective.”

Team and Service Oriented

Always on the go, Alexandra played volleyball and basketball in high school and volleyball in college. Now she stays fit by hiking and walking the family’s four rescue dogs, and is very active with nonprofit animal rescue organizations.

An avid learner, Alexandra reads voraciously, averaging one book a week. Most books involve business topics from leadership and strategy to self-improvement. During the summer she often turns to fictional books just for fun. She also mentors off the job through the Georgetown and USC alumni groups, helping young women achieve their professional goals.

Best advice ever given: “There should never be a surprise in your employees’ reviews. If there is, it’s on you.”

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