Company Culture

Taking Care of Our Customers and Each Other

In the business world, culture represents the shared values, attitudes, norms, and beliefs that guide an organization and shape its behavior. Culture can often be hard to define. But when a company gets it right, their customers and their employees know it.

At PenChecks Trust®, our culture can be summed up in a few simple words:

Do the Right Thing.

4 Core Values Set the Foundation for Who We Are and What We Do:

01 Trust
Demonstrating integrity, honesty and reliability in all that we do.

02 Dedication
Uncompromised commitment to the goal.

03 Innovation
Relentless pursuit of new and better ways to solve problems and add value.

04 Accountability
Ownership of behaviors, decisions and actions.

A Commitment to Continuity

There’s another thing that sets PenChecks apart from others in our industry – continuity.

In the financial services industry, companies are bought and sold all the time. We have been privately owned since 1994. Our growth has been entirely organic and born out of the desire to serve. We are not beholden to outside investors or specific return benchmarks.

This provides a level of stability for our customers and employees that is hard to find. It also keeps us focused on our primary purpose. Knowing where we came from allows us to position the business to meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers without losing track of who we are and what we do.

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A Family Business in the Truest Sense

Southwest Airlines grew from having a single plane to one of the most profitable airlines in the world. They achieved this because the founder – Herb Kelleher – believed that if the company took care of its employees, they would take care of the customers.

We don’t fly airplanes at PenChecks, but we passionately embrace Kelleher’s philosophy. We believe in developing and promoting people from within the company. We believe in a well-educated workforce. We provide continuing education and growth opportunities for all our employees.

If you asked our employees to define the PenChecks culture, most would say, “It feels like family.”
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