Recurring Benefit Payment Service

Expert Recurring Payment Processing

Recurring pension payments are a time-consuming but necessary part of administering a pension plan. A leader in customized retirement plan solutions, PenChecks Trust® can help reduce your administrative workload with our convenient Recurring Benefit Payment Service.

A flexible program designed to meet the needs of plan providers, administrators and sponsors, this convenient service:

  • Offers a choice of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual benefit distributions for retirees in pay status
  • Provides multiple recurring payment processing options
  • Invoices the plan according to your selected payment schedule
  • Keeps you compliant with regulatory recurring payment requirements

We also handle state and federal tax withholding, remittance and tax filing so you don’t have to.

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Recurring Payment Processing You Can Count On

Our easy-to-use Recurring Benefits Payment Service delivers pension plan payments that are on time and accurate. Payments can be made via check or ACH.

To minimize your administrative workload, we:

  • Withhold and remit federal and state taxes
  • File applicable tax forms, including 1099-R, 945 and 1096
  • Perform weekly death audits to minimize potential over payments
  • Provide an annual participant tax withholding inquiry
  • Monitor and resolve all returned or uncashed disbursements
  • Perform address searches as needed

You get all of these time-saving services for one low fee, based on your selected recurring payment processing schedule.

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