Colton Groome and Co.

Colton Groome and Co.

Company Situation:Colton Groome and Company is Western North Carolina’s oldest independent financial strategies firm. They specialize in helping retirement plans achieve higher performance, lower costs by keeping the plan under one roof, stay compliant and reduce...

Crowe LLP

Crowe LLP

Company Situation:Crowe LLP is the 9th largest accounting firm in the U.S., with more than 4,500 employees in 44 offices around the country. Their ESOP Practice provides retirement plan consulting and administrative services to ESOP companies. Although Crowe offers...

Let’s Make 2021 An Amazing Year!

Let’s Make 2021 An Amazing Year!

As far as years go, 2020 was just plain rough, to put it nicely. Not since the Great Depression and World War II have our lives been so disrupted in so many ways. The challenges came fast and furious, forcing us to adapt in ways we never thought we would. And with the coronavirus continuing to spread like wildfire, with new and possibly more virulent strains entering the fray, 2021 isn’t looking like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

A Year to Remember

A Year to Remember

To paraphrase the words of President Franklin Roosevelt, “2020 is a year that will live in infamy”. We’re only halfway through the year, yet the COVID-19 pandemic has already shaken our world in ways nobody could have foreseen…


U.S. Supreme Court Rules On Fiduciary Responsibilities

Are plan fiduciaries protected from excessive fee lawsuits just because they offer participants a menu of investment funds that includes some low-fee investment choices? Or are plan sponsors and other fiduciaries required to do more than that?

PenChecks Named a San Diego Top Workplace

PenChecks Named a San Diego Top Workplace for 2021 in the San Diego Union-Tribune’s (UT San Diego) annual “Top Workplaces” contest. And now, thanks to our awesome employees, all of San Diego will know about it.

Zero Trust: The New Cybersecurity Paradigm

Cybersecurity technologies and methods used to protect a company’s data have significantly evolved over the last two decades. Unfortunately, so have the cyber criminals (hackers) who relentlessly pursue the riches to be made from stealing personal information and other sensitive data.

PenChecks Opens New Call Center to Improve Phone Support

A year ago at this time, most of us were just starting to come to terms with the disruptions at home and in the workplace caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Halfway through 2021, it looks like we’re finally starting to turn the corner in restoring a sense of normalcy in our lives and our businesses.

Recent Posts

Over 29 Years of Industry Leadership

PenChecks Trust® President and CEO Spiro Preovolos talks about how PenChecks became a leader in the retirement plan distribution industry by doing what nobody else was doing.Learn more about PenChecks:

How One Idea Forever Changed Distribution Processing

For nearly 30 years, PenChecks has leveraged its people and technology to support their retirement plan clients efficiently and effectively. Learn how PenChecks can be big enough to process billions of dollars in distributions each year but small enough to care. Learn...

Culture Drives Top Workplace for PenChecks

For the second year in a row PenChecks Trust® has been recognized as a Top Workplace in the San Diego UnionTribune’s annual “Top Workplaces” survey. We are proud to receive this award…

New PenChecks, Inc. COO Aims For Operational Excellence

PenChecks, Inc., parent company of PenChecks Trust®, a leader in innovative retirement plan distribution solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Alexandra Gerritsen as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO).


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